We're Living In The Multiverse.

Take advantage of the fact that you can live in multiple timelines. Experiment, try different paths, see what's really possible.

The Metaverse
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Here’s How To Use That To Your Advantage

You might have clicked this title, thinking I was referring to the metaverse.

But I specifically believe that while tech companies want us to live in the metaverse, if we want to succeed in life, we have to live in the multiverse.

So what’s the difference?

The metaverse refers to that Big Tech wet dream where everything you do happens online and they can have access to that data. That data is incredibly valuable. They can’t track the stuff you do offline, so they need you to be online.

The multiverse, on the other hand, refers to parallel streams of being. In one universe, you might be a software engineer. In another, you might be a poet. In a third, you’re a nomad wandering the earth.

Now, you can live all three, separately or together. The internet does give us an incredible playground we can use to discover ourselves and what we love, what makes us tick, etc.

In the past, when it was hard to connect with people outside of our local social spheres, we had to make a decision and pick the life that would pay the bills. Or we would live in poverty and pursue our dreams.

When the pandemic hit, I was hit by a solid blast of “what could have been”. I realized I had been putting off my dreams for the pursuit of a “safe and stable” life. Hell, I took it to an extreme. I was going to make a full 180. Forget programming, I was going to be a writer. Then I was going to a startup founder. Then I was going to be a full-time creator. And so on.

Fast forward 18 months, my biggest learning is that I had to drop the idea of being on a single path, living a single life. I started trying to live multiple lives at once, but I was doing so in a weirdly serial way at first. But that gave me the experience I needed to branch out to different skills and experiences. And I started combining ideas from the different branches.

I ended up realizing that if you let yourself explore various ideas and various paths, some just start emerging that you are interested in following. And they are much more likely to come via people than they are algorithms.

I started out by trying to follow ideas that I thought were interesting. And a lot were. But I didn’t get a ton out of the ideas.

Until I found the people around the ideas.

I started connecting intentionally with people. I shared content related to what I was learning and what I was doing. I started building real relationships.

And that’s when things started changing.

The metaverse depends on you doing things online, interacting on specific platforms, so they can feed you the content that will keep you there. But there’s another option.

You control your connections. You control your exploration. As you find others you’d like to work with, you build those relationships.

Relationships are what help you accomplish your goals the fastest.

Don’t leave that up to the Big Tech metaverse to tell you who you should interact with.

Follow your different paths. Find the people you resonate with. Find the vibes you enjoy.

That’s the beauty of the multiverse.

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