Course + Community

The Community

The Scale Yourself community will be a place to connect with others who are actively trying to scale their impact on the world. You'll be able to build strong relationships with people who will be sharing what they learn, offering assistance where they can, while also getting access to the materials you need to be successful. You'll also get access to community resources that will be developed as community members need.

The Course

The course component is called "How To Scale Yourself" and will give you actionable steps you can take to build the life you want to live. It's 5 sections:

  1. Introduction - In this module, I'll share my story and what led me to this point. You'll learn why I believe we need to change the way we think about the internet and how I used Twitter to land my dream role and set myself up for success. Finally, I'll introduce the 3 pillars that I believe are vital to scaling your impact online and the framework I use to share what I'm doing with the world.
  2. Pillar 1: Code - This module isn't really about code, although it does draw a lot of what I've learned in my decade as a software engineer. Instead, I'll teach you how to build systems that help you accomplish your goals. A system gives you something you can fall back on, something that you can put minimal effort into that maximizes your results. And by designing strong systems, you can scale everything you're doing. I'll be adapting the course material I developed for the cohort-based course I taught called Supercharge Your Time.
  3. Pillar 2: Connections - This module is all about connecting with people and building relationships. And not only building relationships, but building relationships with the right people. I use a concept that I call Social Network Engineering - connecting with the people who can help you become a better person, reach the goals you set for yourself, and accomplish the change you want to see in the world.
  4. Pillar 3: Content - This is how you scale your ideas. The internet gives you the ability to share what you care about in so many forms: writing, images, audio, video. This module is all about the best way to do this and why I think most people are focusing on the wrong things. I'll share my approach to content and why I think it's so important for me to do it this way.
  5. The Build In Public Framework - This is what I use to share everything I'm doing. I use it in my content, my products, everything. In this module, I'll give you the framework I use that makes it super easy to constantly have content at the ready. And I'll show you why you don't have to be building any sort of product in order to build in public - you could just be building your future self. Learn how to do this in the most effective way possible.


I want the course and community to be sustainable and give me the resources to grow the community to be the best it can possibly be. As such, I'm using an experimental pricing mechanism to help me continuously review how everything is working. So here's the system I'm using for pricing:

Membership is going to start out at $10/month or $100/year. This will get you access to everything in the community, the course, and a subscription to my Substack, The SaaS Factory. This will be the price until the course has been fully released, probably approximately 3 months. Once the course has been released, the pricing will jump to $25/month or $250/year. And then I will review the pricing every 3 months after that, to determine the sustainability and growth potential of the community.

I'm also going to offer a lifetime membership at the annual rate of the next step in the pricing. So starting out, you can purchase a lifetime membership for $250. And then once the course is released, it will jump up to the annual rate of the next price jump that will happen after 3 months.

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